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Hygienic design in fruit and vegetable processing

Published in News Monday, 01 February 2016

At Urtasun we have spent years working on the incorporation of hygienic aspects in the design of equipment used in fruit and vegetable processing. Now we want to take that dedication one step further, with our incorporation into the EHEDG (European Hygienic and Engineering Design Group) and our backing for specific and continuous training for our designers and operators, to bring together criteria and incorporate the most cutting edge aspects of hygienic machine design for processing food.

Detectable PE pusher blader in redler elevators

Published in News Friday, 07 February 2014

Urtasun launch to the market its new improvement in its REDLER ELEVATORS, new detectable PE pusher blader with the follow characteristics.

Pre-owned new generation spinach line

Published in News Tuesday, 08 October 2013

URTASUN TECNOLOGIA ALIMENTARIA puts at disposal of its customers the opportunity to purchase a 4tn/h capacity pre-owned new generation spinach line including a negative aircleaner. This new generation brings higher performances and better quality over the final produt.

Alianza Urtasun - JBT FoodTech

Published in News Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Urtasun tiene el placer de informar a sus clientes la reciente alianza entre entre JBT FoodTech y Urtasun Tecnología Alimentaria, por la que Urtasun ejercerá la representación de las llenadoras, cerradoras y esterilizadores de JBT FoodTech en los territorios de España, (excluyendo Galicia) y Portugal.

Expansion of the commercial network

Published in News Thursday, 10 January 2013

Urtasun has incorporated a new collaborator to attend the market in Turkey.

XII edition of AER awards

Published in News Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Recently, there has been celebrated the edition XII of the Award AER.

New laser cutting machine

Published in News Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Urtasun possesses in his facilities a new machine of cut for laser.

Urtasun exceeds the 60% threshold in international sales

Published in News Saturday, 08 October 2011

Urtasun exceeds the 60% threshold in international sales.

Urtasun expands its network of agents

Published in News Saturday, 08 October 2011

Urtasun has recently expanded its network of agents to give greater coverage to the British market and to the Balkans area.

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