Recognition to the Urtasun's integral blanchers

Published in News Monday, 14 March 2016

Urtasun has installed 10 high capacity integral blanchers in the last months, that means, doubtlessly, a market recognition in the quality of Urtasun Tecnologia Alimentaria’s equipment.

Even though all blanchers are ready for high capacities, two of them are remarkable with a length of 24 and 26 mts.

The equipment manufactured by Urtasun, are equipped with the most advance food technology, and are destined to important vegetables production plants in Europe, South America and North America.

Urtasun is continuously improving their industrial equipment for vegetable blanching in a lot of aspects, with special emphasis in thermodynamics, energetic consumptions, hygienic design and cleaning.

In the same way, Urtasun has developed equipment that analyze the characteristics of the products after blanching by means of spectrophotometry.

The industrial blanchers of Urtasun are destined to grain products and leafy products. They have the technologies for all different areas of the machine: blanching by water and/or steam, cooling by water and/or air, equipment to process rice, etc.

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