Spinach processing line

In addition to offering the traditional spinach processing line, Urtasun has recently introduced important innovations in the processing lines for this product, offering a dry cleaning system as an alternative to the traditional drum, in addition to a water jet cutting system to obtain the final product.

Integrated processes

  • Receiving area

    Receiving area

    As well as the usual receiving tanks, we offer a tank designed in three stages in order to receive the harvested and transported product using the latest technologies.

  • Dry cleaning area

    Dry cleaning area

    • Drum separator
    • Desanders
    • Positive air cleaner
    • Negative air cleaner. Innovation system, elimination of insects and small particles, guarantees that the product will be treated with the utmost care, whilst removing any foreign material.
  • Washing area

    Washing area

      Urtasun has developed specific washers and applies specific technologies for this important area of the process

  • Blanching area

    Blanching area

  • Preparation and cutting area

    Preparation and cutting area

    • Chopper
    • Mechanical cutter: from blocks obtained in vertical freezers, we cut them in the requested portions.
    • water jet cutting system: major improvement in the processing lines for this product with the High pressure water jet cutting system.

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